Arve Brunvoll

Born 17. June 1937 in Molde.

Studies and degrees:

Studies at the Free Theological Faculty, Oslo, 1956-63.

Graduate in theology from  1962, in practical theology 1963.

Holding postgraduate scholarship from Glasgow University 1966-68.

Doctor of Philosophy Glasgow University 1968 on the thesis "Fact and Value. The modern confrontation of philosophy and theology in the field of ethics."

Dr. philos. at the University of Bergen 1997  on the thesis "Gott ist Mensch". Die Luther-Rezeption Ludwig Feuerbachs und die Entwicklung seiner Religionskritik.

Employment and commissions related to e.:

Student pastor Stavanger 1964-65.

Lecturer/senior lecturer in systematic theology (dogmatics, ethics, philosophy of religion) at the Norwegian Teacher Academy, Bergen, from 1969. Professor 1999.

Principal of the NTA 1993-95.

Head of the Research Council of the Norwegian Teacher Academy 1998-

Initiated agreement with the University of Asmara on assistance in reestablishing the Faculty of Education  at the University 1993.

Organized international research conference on education in Eritrea at the University of Asmara 1994.

Theological advisor and lecturer at the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Church of Eritrea 1995/96 and subsequently on a part-time basis.

Organized, in cooperation with a national committee, a workshop for 310 teachers of religion in the official Eritrean school 1997.

Membership of committees etc.:

Member of the Theological Committee of the Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical and International Relations 1970-74, 1995-

Member of the Liturgy Commission and the Hymn Book Committee of the Norwegian Church 1972-84. Member of the Church's council on Worship and Evangelisation 1987-1991.

Substitute member of the council for Research in the Humanities of the Norwegian Research Council (NAVF) 1970-74.

Member of the Committee on Ethics of the Association of Christian Doctors.

Membership of associations and work groups:

Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Hymnologie

Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Philosophie.

Kommission "Bildungsforschung mit der dritten Welt", in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft.


Luther-Akademie Ratzeburg

Interdisciplinary research group on bioethics, Bergen

Present research interest:

Relation between cultural particularity and the quest for a common ethos Planned research project with colleague Professor Trygve Bergem and researchers from the Christian and Mulim communities in Eritrea on "Morality in the Eritrean Society. A study of traditions and attitudes as conditions for promoting the development of tolerance and peaceful coexistence in a pluricultural society through formal and informal education in society and religious communities."

Published (see Publications and manuscripts):

Edition of the confessions of the Norwegian Church

Books and articles on the philosophy of religion

Translations of hymns in the Norwegian Hymn Book and other publications, mainly from the Latin, Scots, Irish and English tradition.

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